Use Cases

MI 17 expertise can help with the below representative use-cases. We understand every business problem and organizational challenges are unique, and look forward to serving you.

Representative problems:

Marketing: Go beyond vanity metrics and deliver campaign specific insights (example: revenue contribution, decrease CAC), while adjusting for your own business’ realities.

Media (User discovery of content): A publisher or content aggregator, with both structured and unstructured data, wants to be build a repository that needs advanced search features to efficiently personalize and deliver information to its users.

Healthcare made better: Analyze prescriptions, patient health statistics to provide insights that allows patient to be in control of their medical experience.

Data governance & Analytics-for-all: Enable organization collaboration by bringing various data silos together and analyze the resulting data, documents, to deliver networked analytics.

Design/Predict new product-mix offerings: Analyze current multi-product usage pattern across your customer segments.

Analyze insurance claims for fraud: Migrate, index, search and analyze millions of files, claims, bills to understand and flag cases for further investigation.

Organizational behavior sentiment analysis:  Analyze emails, documents and messages shared across various enterprise collaboration applications to yield key influencers across different projects and initiatives.