Every business is becoming a digital business or risks facing obsolescence long-term. Digital business focus areas encompass initiatives in functional areas such as marketing, customer support, supply chain, IT, new product development etc.

Regardless of initiatives, digital business initiatives either produce or consume large amounts of disparate data, from various sources. Data migration, storage, and analysis are a constant need. Insight needs to be delivered to employees, partners and customers.

MI 17 technology is best suited for either very large volumes of data OR very large number of intricate connections within the data set in question. We are not suited well for engagements where data could be analyzed by a simple spreadsheet.

Our technology can index, graph, and store data at web scales very efficiently without sacrificing performance. Combined with our in-house business consulting where we take the time to understand your business realities, we deliver a specialized consulting service that leverages our search and data analytics based technology to convert data into insights and eventually, business results.

We do not, however, view our technology as the end. Instead, we love solving problems first and then leverage our technology platforms towards that end.

Combined with organizational expertise honed across serving several F100 firms in their past lives, MI 17 founders are sensitive to your needs and deliver appropriate level of customization to solve your business problems.